The USIA: United Sigma Intelligence Association exists, as an international think tank, to gather gifted people with high to exceptional levels of intelligence, or its equivalent education, contributing to the field of human and artificial intelligence.

USIA contributors/partners have included the brightest minds such as Howard Gardner, Nick Bostrom, James Flynn, Ray Kurzweil, Demis Hassabis, Martin Rees, Richard Nisbett, Aubrey de Grey, and Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman.

USIA Mission Statement

The organization aims to encourage the exploration of academic, artistic, ethical, literary, logical, philosophical, and scientific ideas, while serving humanity in a productive and respectful manner.


The USIA is forming a network of respected intellectual people with world-class academics, outstanding scholars, and real-world intellectuals not only based on estimated measures of high intelligence, but also its equivalent educational/intellectual performance as creative/practical intelligence.

The USIA is integrating high-level, multidisciplinary work from leading thinkers and experts while providing intellectual freedom to its members. USIA members are encouraged to speak and discuss what he or she thinks reality is and what it should be like.

The USIA is conducting interviews with intellectual leaders (through text or podcast), and publishing a research journal, which introduces the USIA fellow/member’s quality publication(s): books, papers, articles, interviews, with publishing agreements.

The USIA is working for the benefit of humanity in the field of intelligence. The USIA is in partnership with the Lifeboat Foundation, IQ Olympiad Foundation, World Memory Sports Council, HK, Korea Memory Sports Association, Complex Biological System Alliance, World Academy of Medical Sciences, India Future Society, and International Longevity Alliance.

USIA Umbrella Structure

The USIA contains 3 sigma, 4 sigma, 5 sigma high intelligence societies established by Hankyung Lee, M.D. in January 22, 2008, July 3, 2007, and July 25, 2012, respectively.

With an international scope, the USIA is an umbrella society or umbrella organization which contains the Three Sigma Society, Four Sigma Society, and the USIA Honor Society, or 3 sigma, 4 sigma, and 5 sigma intelligence, respectively.