USIA President Mr. YoungHoon Bryan Kim


YoungHoon Bryan Kim is the President and Executive Director of the United Sigma Intelligence Association, and the Executive Editor of the USIA Research Journal. Mr. Kim is a Research Fellow of the Complex Biological System Alliance. Mr. Kim studied degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies (Liberal Theology) at Korea University and Yonsei University, respectively, after studied a degree in Piano Performance (classic) at a university college of music. Presently, he is in preparation to further study PhD Philsophy of Religion and Science in the United States. Outside academics, he wrote a Mystery Novel and won the prize titled as Award Winning Writer in South Korea. For the position of intelligence field, Mr. Kim has been the Vice-President at the OLYMPIQ Society, founded by Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis; Mr. Kim has been on the Membership Committee as the Mega International Officer at the Mega Foundation, founded by Neuropsychologist Dr. Gina Langan and Mind-Reality Theorist Christopher Langan. For Mr. Kim’s Full Membership of Intelligence organization includes one-in-three-million societies (Christopher Langan’s Mega International, Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis’s OLYMPIQ Society), one-in-a-million Society (Dr. Ronald Hoeflin’s Omega Society), one-in-30,000 society (Dr. Ronald Hoeflin’s Epimetheus Society, Christopher Langan’s Ultranet of Mega Foundation), one-in-a-thousand society (Triple Nine Society), and Mensa.