USIA President, YoungHoon Kim (김영훈)


YoungHoon Kim (김영훈) is the President of the United Sigma Intelligence Association, in charge of the positions, Cheif Executive and Membership Officer.

Mr. Kim studied degrees in Philosophy and Theology (Liberal) at Korea University and Yonsei University, respectively, after studied a degree in Piano at a university college of music. Currently, he is in preparation to further study PhD Philsophy in the United States.

Outside academic degree, he wrote a Mystery Novel and won the prize titled as Award Winning Writer in South Korea. In the area of high intelligence, he has been a Korean Supervisor at Olympiq Society, founded by Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, who is a medical doctor and psychiatrist known as having the highest IQ in Europe. Additionally, Mr. Kim is part of Membership Committee at Mega International (formerly, Mega Society East) and Mega Foundation, founded by Dr. Gina Langan and Mr. Christopher Langan, who is called in US media as “the smartest man in america”. Since 2019, he has joined in part of Advisory Board at In-Sight Publishing which is located in British Columbia, Canada.

For his Full Memberships of high IQ society include Mega International (formerly, Mega Society East), Olympiq Society, Ultranet Society of Mega Foundation, Epimetheus Society, Triple Nine Society, One in a Thousand Society, Top One Percent Society and Mensa.