AI Director Dr. Tom Chittenden


Tom Chittenden, DPhil, PhD, PStat is the Director in Aritificial Intelligence, and Fellow of ESI Society and the United Sigma Intelligence Association. Dr. Chittenden holds D.Phil. from University of Oxford, and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. Presently, he is a Senior Biostatistics and Mathematical Biology Consultant at Harvard University, Medical School as an Advisory Board Member. He has been a Lecturer and Research Fellow at Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT), University of Oxford among others. Dr. Chittenden is the Chief AI Scientist of WuXi NextCODE Genomics, and President and Founder of Complex Biological Systems Alliance. He was recently named one of the Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare. Dr. Chittenden is a member of the Omega Society.