USIA Vice-President Dr. Ronald Hoeflin


Ronald K. Hoeflin, PhD is the Vice-President of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

Dr. Hoeflin is best known as the Founder of Mega Society and Prometheus Society before founding the Hoeflin Society: Omega Society, Epimetheus Society, One in a Thousand Society, and Top One Percent Society.

As an American Philosopher, Dr. Hoeflin received a PhD in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research, and In 1988, he won the American Philosophical Association’s Rockefeller Prize for his article, “Theories of Truth: A Comprehensive Synthesis.”

Dr. Hoeflin published his 12 volume book titled “The Encyclopedia of Categories“.

Societies Founded by Ronald Hoeflin

Society Year founded Acceptance Percentile Acceptance IQ (SD 16)
Mega Society 1982 99.9999 176
Omega Society 2006 99.9999 176
Prometheus Society 1989 99.997 164
Epimetheus Society 2006 99.997 164
One-in-a-Thousand Society (OATHS) 1992 99.9 150
Top One Percent Society (TOPS) 1989 99 137