USIA Founder, Dr. Hankyung Lee MD


Hankyung Lee, MD (이한경) is the Founder of the United Sigma Intelligence Association, as the first founder of high intelligence organization, in South Korea, at the cognitive level higher than the Mensa.

Dr. Lee works as a Medical Doctor in South Korea, after studied Medical Science and earned a M.D. degree at Eulji University.

For his intelligence area, Dr. Lee was the winner on the cognitive ability international competition of Culture Fair Numerical and Spatial Examination-CFNSE conducted by Etienne Forsstrom, and achieved a very high cognitive performence on the test C-09 conducted by Psychologist Dr. Xavier Jouve. Dr. Lee is the first person to attain 5 sigma score on the spatial cognitive test created by Psychologist Jonathan Wai, besides obtaining the ceiling score on a standardized intelligence test as the full scale. His personal commitments include Artificial Intelligence, Singularity, Personality Psychology and Religion among others. In respect of the domains, further, Dr. Lee’s vision is to contribute to the field of Nano-Technology, and bring Strong Artificial Intelligence forward the medical application and improvement to the real world. Dr. Lee has confidence this technology sophistication would deal with a substantial number of patients suffered from physical diseases.

With establishing three, four, and five sigma intelligence society for the first time, respectively, in South Korea, Dr. Lee is also a member of Olympiq Society.