FSI Member Mr. Ian Bott

Ian Lawrence Bott is a Member of FSI Society, and Contributing Education Consultant of the USIA. Mr. Bott studied at Imperial College London, and after graduating, he is studying a Master degree in Education at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He is a member of Triple Nine Society.

“I grew up in London, England and spent my undergraduate studies between Imperial College London and Rice University. After graduating, I sought out a career in education, first as a math teacher and then as a Dean of Academics, helping to found a high school in Houston, Texas. Currently I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, with the intention to go on to complete a PhD. I am interested in 21st-century school reform, with a particular focus on individuality and personalization within education. I did not always feel that traditional education served my needs, and so I am always curious about new ways to unlock human potential. In my free time I like to play poker competitively, follow US politics, and spend time with my dog.”

– Ian Bott