USIA Fellow Erik Hæreid


Erik Hæreid, MSc is a Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

He works as an actuarial consultant in his own company NIA (Nordic Insurance Administration), which he owns together with two other actuaries. He is also the chairman of the board of NIA. They developed the company from scratch, starting in 1998 with its peak in 2005-2015, when it was one of the main actuarial consulting companies in Norway as to group pension insurances.

Erik is a member of Mensa and OLYMPIQ Society, and in addition some other IQ Societies. He is among the top scorers on several of the most credible unstandardized IQ tests in the High Range IQ Test environment.

Erik studied mathematics, statistics and actuarial science at the University of Oslo in the 1980’s and beginning of the 90’s, and earned an M.Sc. degree in Statistics and Actuarial Science in 1991. He worked as an actuary in some Norwegian insurance companies and a business school from 1991 to 2000: He was the Academic Director of insurance at the BI Norwegian Business School (1998-2000), Manager of business insurance at Norske Liv (Nordea) (1997-1998), Actuarial consultant at Alfa Life Insurance (Gjensidige NOR) and Norske Liv insurance companies (1996-1997), insurance broker at the Assurance Centeret (Denmark) (1995-1996), and actuary in Alfa Life Insurance company (1991-1995).

Erik has also worked as an actuary (novice) in UNI Insurance (Storebrand) (1987-1990), as a freelance journalist and written articles for some magazines, newspapers and other papers in the 1980’s. He won a second prize (runner-up) in a nationwide writing contest in 1985, and published crime short stories in a main Norwegian newspaper (A-magasinet, Aftenposten) in the 1980’s. He also did some environmental volunteerism with the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In 2011 he wrote and published a book about self-images. Erik is born in 1963, and grew up in Oslo, Norway. Now he lives one hour drive south of Oslo, by the coast.