USIA Contributing Fellow Paul Coojmans


Paul Coojmans is the Contributing Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

Paul Cooijmans has created and administered a number of high-range intelligence tests (1995-present) and founded the Giga Society (1996) and Glia Society (1997). He serves as the Administrator of both societies and runs the enterprise “I.Q. Tests for the High Range”, which he started in 2005. His main goal in these undertakings is to investigate whether and to what extent intelligence can be measured in the high range.

Cooijmans has also written two novels pertaining to the subculture of I.Q. societies and high-range tests, and was awarded the literature prize “Raadselige Roos” in 1994 for his short story “Niet voor mij”.

He studied composition and guitar at the Brabants Conservatorium (Tilburg, the Netherlands) from 1986 to 1993, during which period he also devoted his attention to aspects of music theory. Some of his work is published by Donemus Publishing, a leading publisher of contemporary music. He worked as a guitar teacher from 1990 to 2000.

From the mid-1990s on Paul Cooijmans self-studied psychometrics, and in the 2000s took courses in informatics (programming, web design) and bookkeeping.

His further interests include running training, prehistoric musical instruments, and creating a high-quality and peaceful human population and society.