The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


  • Honing emotional intelligence skills can help individuals succeed over time.
  • Developing emotional intelligence skills takes time, focus, and commitment.
  • To improve your EQ, or emotional quotient, it may help to work on self-awareness, self-regulation, and finding your personal passion.

Consider the following to hone your skills in the important area of emotional intelligence:

  1. Be in the moment more often in order to strengthen your self-awareness.
  2. Step into “interested observer” mode throughout your day to improve your self-regulation.
  3. Move away from judgment and assumptions and self-ego, and put a focus on your team members and what’s happening in your culture in a more objective and analytical manner to improve your social awareness.
  4. Lastly, find your own personal passion. Don’t wait for someone else to inspire you or motivate you.

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