USIA Fellow Dr. Greg A. Grove

Greg A. Grove, PhD, PsyD is the Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

He is the founder of Mysterium and the Poetic Genius Society.

Can you recall the first time you read and felt the meaning of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Less Traveled”? I was in eleventh grade American literature class. I immediately accepted the tone and presence of Frost’s lyric as guide throughout my life.

Thus my educational and professional training and experience diverged: accredited opinions merged with unaccredited. Accredited opened doors in government run schools and colleges; unaccredited invited my attention to observe the scenery surrounding me: the unexplored, the mystical, the practical, the measurable and the immeasurable. Over time I acquired degrees in education, metaphysical science, and psychology with emphasis in creativity and translogical thinking.

I am reminded, “Many are called but few are chosen.” I feel honored to have been chosen to apply whatever knowledge and intuition I can muster to “make known” the visible and invisible to the called and to the chosen; to diverge again and again into the scenery of the experimental, the objective and the subjective; to leave a visible footpath in the yellow wood that is no longer grassy and in need of wear.

– Dr. Greg A. Grove