About USIA

PSX_20200113_150751The USIA: United Sigma Intelligence Association exists to gather exclusively gifted people with very high levels of intelligence and education in order to provide an intellectual space to encourage the sharing and exploring of academic, artistic, ethical, literary, logical, philosophical, and scientific ideas on the one hand, but also to contribute to the field of (human and artificial) intelligence along with arts and sciences on the other, in a productive and respectful manner. 

The USIA contains the first and the oldest 3 sigma, 4 sigma, 5 sigma high intelligence societies in South Korea, founded by Hankyung Lee, M.D. in January 22, 2008, July 3, 2007, and July 25, 2012, respectively. With an international scope, the USIA is an umbrella society or umbrella organization which contains the TSA: Three Sigma Associate Society, FSA: Four Sigma Associate Society, and ESA: Extreme Sigma Associate Society, or 3 sigma, 4 sigma, and 5 sigma intelligence, respectively.

For the functions of the USIA, 1) The USIA makes a network of respected real-world high intellectual people not only based on high intelligence(by psychologist or MD), but also its equivalent education/intellectual performance, as being a representative of exclusively high intelligence organization. 2) The USIA integrates with top-tier academia, exceptional scholars, and real-world intelllectual people having not only high IQ (from psychologist or MD), but also top-class education. 3) The USIA encourages high IQ people to be across academic and real-world intellectual achievement. 4) The USIA interviews with scholar members, and introduce scholar members’ books, papers, articles via journals, website, and our own groups. 5) The USIA publishes general journal and professional journal, and has conference relevant to the work of the general abilities studies in partnership with word-class research institution.

ESA: Extreme Sigma Associate Society
≥ IQ 175 (S.D. 15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 180 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 220 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 220 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

FSA: Four Sigma Associate Society
≥ IQ 160 (S.D. 15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 164 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 196 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 196 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

TSA: Three Sigma Associate Society
≥ IQ 145 (S.D. 15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 148 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 172 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 172 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

*USIA has been renamed from USK: United Sigma Korea, and the Sigma Korea since 2019.