USIA Editors

Professor Hohyun Sohn Research Journal Advisor Professor, Yonsei University   Ilia Stambler, PhD Research Journal Advisor BOD., Intl. Longevity Alliance   Mike Sager Honorary Magazine Advisor Writer, Washington Post, Esquire   YoungHoon Kim Executive Editor Member, Mega Society   Ian Bott Editor-in-Chief M.Ed., Harvard   In-Kyu Yun Video Eidtor Former Mooc PD, National Education Office … Continue reading USIA Editors

USIA Distinguished Members

David Robkin  Distinguished Member Fmr. Chair, Triple Nine Society   Fred Britton Distinguished Member Fmr. President, Prometheus Society   Karyn Peters Distinguished Member Officer, Prometheus Society   Brian Schwartz, JD Distinguished Member Officer, Prometheus Society   Daniel Shea Distinguished Member Officer, Mega Society   Evangelos Katsioulis Distinguished Member Founder, Olympiq Society   Paul Coojmans Distinguished … Continue reading USIA Distinguished Members

USIA Honorary Advisors

Professor Richard Nisbett Honorary / Advisory Psychologist Professor, University of Michigan   Professor Nick Bostrom Honorary / Advisory Philosopher Professor, University of Oxford   Professor Philip Kitcher Honorary / Advisory Philosopher John Dewey Professor, Columbia   Sir. Wendell Wallach Honorary / Advisory AI Ethicist Emer. Chair of Technology and Ethics, Yale Intrdisciplinary Cetner for Bioethics … Continue reading USIA Honorary Advisors

ESOTERIQ Society (Experimental)

ESOTERIQ Society was founded by Masaaki Yamauchi to create a perfect list of the highest IQ people in the world. The name “ESOTERIQ” comes from the combination of the first six letters of the word “ESOTERIC” and the IQ component. The number of letters before the IQ component of the society name (ESOTER, 6) is directly related to the six standard deviations above … Continue reading ESOTERIQ Society (Experimental)

Distinguished Member Paul Coojmans

Paul Coojmans is a Distinguished Member, and a Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association. Paul Cooijmans has created and administered a number of high-range intelligence tests (1995-present) and founded the Giga Society (1996) and Glia Society (1997). He serves as the Administrator of both societies and runs the enterprise “I.Q. Tests for the High Range”, which he started … Continue reading Distinguished Member Paul Coojmans