The Life You Can Save, Founded by Peter Singer


The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) was founded by Professor Peter Singer, Honorary Member of United Sigma Korea, who is widely recognized as one of the world’s most influential contemporary philosophersThe mission of TLYCS is to help change the culture of giving in affluent countries while dramatically raising annual donations to highly impactful nonprofits that reduce suffering and premature death, and improve life and livelihoods, for people living in extreme poverty.


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Standard High IQ Societies

High IQ Societies from 2 sigma to 5 sigma, in which “sigma” applies to “S.D.” or standard deviation. For example, Mensa = 2 sigma, when S.D. equals 15, 16, or 24 , means 3 times 15, 16, or 24, or 130, 132, and 148, respectively. This list is for the admission of the USIA: United Sigma Intelligence Association.

2 Sigma Society ≥ top 2%
IQ 132, SD16, Mensa
IQ 137, SD16, Intertel
IQ 137, SD16, Top One Percent Society

3 Sigma Society ≥ top 0.1%
IQ 148, SD16, TSA Society
IQ 149, SD16, Triple Nine Society
IQ 150, SD16, One in a Thousand Society

4 Sigma Society ≥ top 0.003%
IQ 164, SD16, FSA Society
IQ 164, SD16, Prometheus Society
IQ 164, SD16, Epimetheus Society
IQ 168, SD16, Ultranet Society
IQ 176, SD16, Omega Society
IQ 176, SD16, Mega Society

5 Sigma Society ≥ top 0.00003%
IQ 180, SD 16, ESA Society
IQ 180, SD 16, OLYMPIQ Society
IQ 180, SD 16, Mega International

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