International Longevity Alliance

International Longevity Alliance
We, the members of the International Longevity Alliance, believe that, through evidence based innovative biotechnologies, it is desirable and feasible to prevent degenerative ageing processes, thereby extending the active and healthy human lifespan.

We recognize that the degenerative and destructive processes known collectively as biological ageing are the main cause of the development of age-related diseases and frailty in older age (including cancers, dementias, heart failures, strokes and diabetes), causing suffering for millions of people globally;

We note that science is developing the ability to slow and eradicate those degenerative ageing processes – and by doing so, to prevent, delay and compensate for age-related diseases, as extending healthspan and lifespan through innovative biotechnologies has proven to be successful in animal testing, and promising in some studies in humans;

We acknowledge health as a human right and we promote an understanding of the ageing process as a medical condition requiring treatment;

We emphasize that healthy life extension technologies can reduce the cost of social protection and health care systems by extending healthy activity into advanced years, benefitting the global economy and enhancing individual financial well-being;

We are concerned that there is a deficit of information among decision-makers which, combined with continuing regulatory barriers and a lack of funding of fundamental and translational research, unnecessarily hinders progress in this most important field;

International Longevity Alliance members are committed to work actively to facilitate faster development and implementation of life-extending technologies to ensure healthy longevity for all.