Mega Foundation

PSX_20200304_211333The Mega Foundation is a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation established in the United States, 1999 by Neuropsychologist Dr. Gina Langan, PhD, and Mr.Christopher Langan who has been known in meda as “the smartest man in America” and the reality theorist of the Cognitive Theoretic Model of Universe (CTMU). Mega Foundation contains the projects of the Ultranet and Mega International to create and implement programs that aid in the development of severely gifted individuals and their ideas.

Mission: Freedom of intellectual inquiry and expression is one of the clearest benefits, and most urgent necessities, of modern democratic society. One requirement of intellectual freedom is that no institution or group of institutions be permitted to exercise too great a measure of control over intellectual commerce (in the traditional, non-entrepreneurial sense). This is because by their nature, institutions tend to enforce standards of ideological orthodoxy and intellectual conformity without being able to guarantee or establish with certainty that their ideas are correct or their standards justified. To counter this trend, the Mega Foundation supports and develops a variety of projects that promote free intellectual expression and development.


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Mega Foundation
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