Dr. Hoeflin Society


Societies Founded by Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin

Society Year founded Acceptance Percentile Acceptance IQ (SD 16)
Mega Society 1982 99.9999 176
Omega Society 2006 99.9999 176
Prometheus Society 1989 99.997 164
Epimetheus Society 2006 99.997 164
One-in-a-Thousand Society (OATHS) 1992 99.9 150
Top One Percent Society (TOPS) 1989 99 137

*Compared to the table standard above, the accpetance IQ(SD16) of the Mensa is 132, top 2%.

1) Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin is the honorary/advisory consultant of the United Sigma Intelligence Association. The interviews with Dr. Hoeflin, conducted by USIA and Insight Publishing, has been published in the Journal of USIA.

2) The four groups: Omega Society, Epimetheus Society, One in a Thousand Society, and Top One Percent Society belong to the Ronald K. Hoeflin Society.